Paul's Artbarn

Oberg Studio Portrait - Inside Paul's Art Barn

Being a problem solver has always been my favorite aspect of doing illustration. I encourage my clients to bring me in early on in a project so that I can contribute my thought process, in addition to my technical skills. Art directors I work with regularly will tell you that I “bring something to the table.” I enjoy doing thumbnails and looking at possible solutions from a variety of directions. This process leads to a better idea, end product, and a chance for input along the way from the end user.

I am able to switch easily between mediums and styles and prefer the freedom of not being locked into a style or type of work. That may mean that I don’t have a signature style, but when looking at my work I hope you can feel a common sensibility.

I do love energy and curvilinear forms. This probably comes from my desire to draw the Incredible Hulk in my younger years!

Creating has always been a way of life for me. I have been teaching commercial art classes at the college level as an adjunct for the past ten years.

Paul's Art Barn - South Elevation

It’s a great way to interact with other artists, give back, and stay young. I stay active in the local fine art scene as well.

My focus throughout my career has been primarily illustration receiving local, regional and national awards for my work.

Born 1958 in Moline, IL, I have lived most of my life in the Illinois-Quad City area. Since graduating from SIU Carbondale with a drawing /painting emphasis in 1980, I have made a career here as a commercial artist. My wife, Lisa, and I live in Orion, IL, where we both work from a studio (artbarn) located on our property. We have two grown daughters, Tara and Erin, who are also artists.